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History of Our Kindergarden

Bright Years Kids ( Tadika Sinar Idaman) was founded as Tadika Cahaya Idaman in 2001 by Puan Endon Ismail (P.P.N. , P.C.K. ) who had more than 30 years of experiences in education industry served in her capacity as a Head Mistress in Government School as well as Education Technology Officer with Ministry of Education Malaysia. Her passion and her vast experience has led her to continuing dedication in developing unique, quality and innovative pre-school programs.cheap replica watches replica watches

With more than 10 good years of operation experience, Bright Years Kids has been expanded to 5 owner operated branches since its inception in 2001 with hands on day to day operations to ensure high qualities of pre-school education.


Bright Years Kids is a special place for our children to play, learn and make friends. We place strong emphasis on our school atmosphere as an extension of their home. We feel that a relaxed and friendly setting is important in enabling your child to feel welcome in conductive environment which is an important part of the pre-school experience.

Our Motto “Discover, Learn and Play” are in line with the nature of every children who are playful and inquisitive. Every child is unique in their own way and it is very important for us to tap on their potential and learning style to ensure maximum intelligent stimulants.

In Bright Years Kid we will discover and nurture your children talents in good grammar maker a few targeted areas such as basic Arithmetic and Mathematic skills, Communication (Social & Interpersonal Skills), Language (Verbal & Linguistics), Health (Physical & Basic Hygiene), Visual and Spatial and Creative Art. This concept of creative and effective learning in Bright Years Kids will equip and prepare our children before they embark on their journey to full schooling system in primary school.

It is important to us that your child is happy, secure and has fun and in doing so they will be able to build strong relationships with the teachers and other children as they play and learn.

Goals & Objectives

Bright Years Kids aim to provide children with a comfortable learning environment that harnesses their abilities, engages them actively and meaningfully in the discovery and learning process, at the same time promotes the value of self-directed learning.
Specifically, we seek to enrich the child’s development in the following areas


Through learning experiences that build up and advance their basic academic skills, encourage them to think critically and make decisions, and cultivate their natural ability to investigate and experiment either by themselves or with others because this is how they are able to make sense of their world.


Through learning experiences that allow the child to express his/her thoughts and feelings properly and confidently as well as develop in him/her a sense of security and trust resulting in children with positive concepts about themselves.


Through learning experiences that make the child aware of what attitudes, values, and traits are best cultivated in oneself within the context of what is considered ethical, correct, and decent.


Through big and small group activities that call for cooperation, respect for individual differences, taking turns, and getting along with others.


Through a variety of indoor and outdoor activities that strengthen both the child’s gross and fine motor skills in an enjoyable and safe way.


Our Philosophy and Values

Bright Years Kids to create a safe, enjoyable and stimulating prepared educational environment for children ages 3 to 6 offering a comprehensive, developmentally based, and age-appropriate preschool program creatively planned to help strengthen and train the child to meet the challenges of both school and life.


Our Philosophy and Values

Bright Years Kids to offer high-quality early childhood educational experiences for children in their formative years that foster their cognitive, emotional, moral, social, and physical development. We strive to provide our students with solid foundation, which will foster a desire for life-long learning and acquisition of knowledge, and prepare them to become responsible and engaged citizens of the world.

Why Bright Years Kids

Improve Interaction and Socializing

All children are comfortable in their homes with their parents but many are generally shy out in public or in environments not familiar to them. While it is adorable to witness, this shyness can come in the way of proper child growth and development. It must be tackled early on so that it does not interfere with a child’s ability to communicate effectively.

Bright Years Kids Bright Years Kids will promote interaction among children and gives them the perfect opportunity to socialize with each other. Children are most comfortable with people their own age group because they see them as an equal. They are more likely to mingle and socialize in order to learn, interact and have fun.

Friendly Environment for Child Growth

In order to get a child to learn, the environment around it must be friendly and he/she must be completely comfortable in it. Bright Years Kids creates the perfect environment for them to feel right at home without them actually being in one. All our teachers are graduated with Diploma in Early Childhood Education. We specialize in dealing with young children. We understand how sensitive our students are and how much attention they require. Teachers converse and interact with our students constantly to create a home like environment that is both friendly and promotes learning.

The Importance of Learning and Teamwork

Now that a child is well settled, it is time for the real task to begin – to create an interest within a child to learn. Bright Years Kids education is instrumental in that aspect. Not only does a child develops new learning skills and improves existing ones, he or she also learns the importance of teamwork. Our teachers often assign children to work in groups. While it promotes interaction and communication as mentioned above, it also instills in them the importance of a team effort and how everyone must toe the line to succeed. Learning this ability early on makes them better students, better colleagues and better human beings in the long run.


A kindergarten is the very first school a child attends and hence we place strong emphasis on our school atmosphere.

In Bright Years Kids, we aim to create a safe, peaceful, enjoyable and comfortable with positive environment which will foster the children‘s natural desire to learn. We will assist our children aged 3 to 6 years old in developing a global and joyful understanding of the world, a wonderful character and skills which will enable them to work for themselves and others with intelligence and creativity.

In this stimulating learning environment for Bright Years Kids’ students, they will:

Have good coordination of basic motor skills

Enjoy exploring and actively learn through real materials

Be able to work in small groups, establish frienships and develop good interpersonal skills

Gain self-confidence and develop positive self-esteem in themselves

A controlled, secure environment gives you peace of mind knowing that your child is free to safely explore and learn.
Our location features the following:

Small class sizes allow teachers to give your child individual attention

Certified faculty and staff trained to deal with emergencies should they arise

Facilities equipped with an indoor playground

Before and after care programs (transit)

Enrollment 2018 Is Now Going On, Please Contact Us.

School Hours

Mon-Fri (8.30am–12.300pm)
Full day Programme (8.30am–6.00pm)

Centre Address

No 15, Jalan Hijau Alam,
U9/14B, Cahaya SPK, Seksyen U9,
Shah Alam, Selangor

Office Hours

Monday – Friday
8.00 am – 5.00 pm

Phone & Email

03 – 78326100
019 – 275 6100

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